Sarah Sumner’s design aesthetic is a combination of timeless design, a layering of beautiful materials, and thoughtfully placed but unexpected juxtapositions. She gathers inspiration from past and present and works to create spaces uniquely tailored to the people whose lives they surround. Her ultimate goal for every project is to create a harmonious and inspiring environment that celebrates the people that live, rest, play, dream and work within it. 

Growing up in New York’s Hudson River Valley and being constantly exposed to museums, historic homes, auctions and antiques by parents with a passion for history and architecture shaped Sarah’s love of the aesthetic from an early age and greatly influenced her signature interior and event design. Union College terms abroad studying art and architecture in both France and Greece further broadened her perspective. Leaving behind a career as an advertising Creative, she went to The New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University and RISD’s CE Interior Design Program, and combined her eye for making spaces beautiful with a deep understanding of how to help people understand and implement their own personal style.

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Sarah Sumner